Huge Tennis Ball
Huge Tennis Ball
Huge Tennis Ball

Huge Tennis Ball

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Are you looking for toys for your pet?

  • Introducing the "Huge Tennis Ball" ! This is the perfect toy for your pets and will keep them entertained for hours.
  • The Huge Tennis Ball is made with high quality rubber,  similar to a basketball.
  • Your pet will love this durable Huge tennis ball.
  • Your pet will love to chew ,cuddle and  play with this ball! The Huge Tennis Ball is perfect for all sizes of pets!
  •  The Huge Tennis Ball's surface and size is made exclusively for pets and is not recommended for children.


  • The Huge Tennis ball is made up of high quality rubber !
  • Diameter of this ball is 10 inches !
  • The ball is made to mimic a tennis ball and comes in the florescent yellow color !
  • The Huge Tennis ball has the same air filling pin as  a basketball and football !
  • Pets Huge Tennis ball is portable, you can easily inflate and deflate your ball!