Spinning Paw Cleaner
Spinning Paw Cleaner

Spinning Paw Cleaner

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Muddy paws make the whole home dirty!

  • Our Spinning Paw cleaner is 6 inches in height , which fits all ages/sizes of pets !
  • Simply put water inside the Spinning paw cleaner or you can add gentle soap to help clean the paws more efficiently!
  • Insert the muddy paw of the pet inside the paw cleaner and twist !
  • Stick pet's paws in the pet washer(one at a time), swish the water around or spin the container to engage the bristles, and then remove pet's paw and dry (Pick up one of our Plush Water Absorbing Towels!). 
  • The extra soft silicone bristles won't hurt or irritate your pets paws.
  • Small and lightweight so you can take it anywhere, plus the handle strap makes it easy to hold while using. Very durable and high quality product.